Global Warming hoax – editorial cartoon by Alekya

Despite inaccurate reporting from some right wing news agencies and claims that China invented climate change from our President-elect, climate change is real and we need to acknowledge the serious threat that it imposes on us. Alekya does a great job presenting this through her cartoon entitled “Global warming not a hoax.”

The impact of our changing climate is being felt across the globe, from rising sea levels to record temperatures. 2015 was the hottest year on record and USA Today reports that 2016 will likely surpass it. We’ve seen more severe storms, record breaking droughts, and uncontrollable wildfires tear through our country and the world. Climate scientists overwhelmingly agree that climate change is real and is caused by human activity.

There’s simply too much evidence to continue to deny the facts about our changing climate.

Myron Ebell, a well known climate change skeptic, is the likely candidate to lead the EPA once Trump takes office. He has repeatedly called climate change a “myth” and wants to get rid of environmental regulations that are necessary to curb pollution. This is unacceptable.

The Obama Administration made large strides in the fight against climate change from the Paris Agreement to his Clean Power Plan proposal. This progress is good but we have to do more, not less.

Investing in renewable energy would not only contribute to saving our planet, but would also create millions of well-paying jobs that would help our economy.

There’s too much at stake when it comes to climate change and we have to acknowledge the truth that it is real so we can combat it and preserve the Earth that we all so desperately rely on.


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