After the leak of Donald Trump’s horrific comments about grouping women, many Republican leaders were quick to jump ship.

51 current and former members of Congress, governors and high-level officials from Republican administrations have reached their breaking points and said they would not support Donald Trump since his vulgar remarks; these individuals include Senator John McCain of Arizona, Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, and former GOP candidate Carly Fiorina.

Many of these people have suggested that Trump should step aside and let Governor Mike Pence lead the ticket. They believe that Pence could save them from a landslide loss in November and a Hillary Clinton presidency. They blame Trump for the problems that their party is facing and say he’s at fault for the electoral disaster that may be approaching on November 8.

But each and everyone one of these people knew exactly what they were getting into when they decided to back Donald Trump. They knew this is the man he is, and they decided to ignore it.

They knew that Trump rose to political notoriety by starting the racist birther campaign against President Obama. They watched as he announced his bid for President by calling Mexicans “criminals” and “rapists.” They watched when he said John McCain was not a war hero because he was captured. They watched as he mocked a disabled reporter during one of his rallies. They watched when he called for a shutdown of immigrants based on religion and attacked a Gold Star family whose son had died in combat. They watched as he said a judge couldn’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage, despite the fact he was born in Indiana.

They all watched.

They had every chance in the world to dump Trump, but instead they gave empty condemnations and continued to back the man that they knew was not right to lead our country. They were willing to risk the well-being of American people in order to preserve the appearance of party unity. They put party before country and are now feeling the impact.

While it is good to finally see so many notable Republicans finally drawing back support of Trump, it is blatant hypocrisy to bail now and ask for a do-over.

Each of these Republicans knew exactly what kind of ticket they were buying when the boarded the Trump train and now that it’s derailing, they can not jump off and act like they were not involved.

They knew what they were doing and on November 8, they will face the consequences.