A Lack of Productivity

I’ve never been good at finishing things ahead of time. In fact, this very blog post is the perfect example of my increasingly common problem of procrastination. I was given an entire week to complete the relatively simple and straightforward task of writing 3 blog posts. It is now the night before the deadline and I’m still typing away, oh how ironic.

Procrastination never used to be a problem of mine. It always felt nice completing a task with plenty of time left wide open for me to do whatever I please. My parent’s enforcement of this “work before play” rule was probably the main reason that I was so good at getting work done long before it was due. But eventually as I grew up and “matured” they stopped enforcing this rule, and soon after I stopped following it.

Ever since I began my life as a high school student, homework became a second thought that I would hold off on doing for as long as humanly possible. By no means did I stop completing work, I just didn’t complete work as well and as efficiently as I should have and as  I was assigned more and more homework each night, my habits of procrastination remained an issue. Sleep was a luxury as I began staying up late to complete work that I should have started on many hours earlier, and this trend of procrastinating on just about every task given to me is still alive today.

I have a part of my mind that still is focused and wants to make rational decisions and get things done on time, but at the same time I have this instant gratification driven side of my mind that would rather be entertained now than be productive for later. So often I turn in an assignment wishing that I had put a little more time into it or started it a bit sooner to insure that I don’t sell myself short but again and again the memory of how negative an impact procrastination has is overpowered by the urge to stay entertained.

But at the end of the day, procrastination is a unfortunate part of my that is here to stay, no matter how much I may want to eliminate it. I’ve tried many times to finish my homework as soon as I arrive home, but that oh so tempting laptop of mine always draws my attention long before a textbook will. The key to the issue of procrastination is finding a balance; allowing yourself to be entertained and have fun while not forgetting about the importance of completing work to the fullest of your ability, and I feel like I’m closer to achieving that balance than ever before.

Finally, my second Chronicle Assignment is complete and I’ve still got time to spare.


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